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Garage Door SpringsWe at our Garage Door Springs Schaumburg are the best garage door contractor in the area. We are great at what we do and that is taking care of residential and commercial garage doors. We have been in business for quite a while now and we have proved to our customers we have what it takes to be the best. We have an emergency service. We are very dependable and we do great work. Call us today.

When you work with our garage door company, you can be at ease. Apart from offering fast emergency repair services, we offer a wide array of professional services. Whether we maintain the opener or replace the torsion spring, we make sure the service is done properly and on time. You can have peace of mind because your needs will be covered perfectly and quickly and also because our services cover the entire range of your requests. We service overhead doors, repair motors, align sensors, fix tracks, adjust doors, replace all damaged components, install new panels and program remote clickers. Our technicians have experience with all types of doors and the products made by the best opener manufacturers. The quality of our work is ensured due to our knowledge and our commitment.

Our Schaumburg Garage Door Springs is the company you can count on to take care of any garage door issues you may be having. One issue you could have is with your garage door springs. There are two different kinds of springs. There is the extension garage door springs and the torsion coil trampoline springs. These garage door springs are what makes your garage door come slowly. Without them the garage door would come down fast and hard. These are built to last but after about 10,000 cycles they will wear down and may break. We can come out and fix a garage door broken spring. This is usually done by replacing them.

Provides galvanized and Oil Tempered garage door springs

We encourage all of our customers at our Garage Door Springs Schaumburg is that you never try to do a garage door torsion springs replacement by yourself. These can be very dangerous and may injure a person who is not trained in this area. If you need torsion or extension springs repair let one of our techs to do the service for you. Call us today and tell us what you need us to do.

We also provide galvanized garage door torsion springs and Oil Tempered garage door springs. Galvanized garage door springs are just springs with a special coating on them. These will last longer and look better hanging in your garage. Oil tempered garage door springs are when the coil is heated in oil. Tell us what kind of garage door springs that you prefer and we can install them for you. Give us a call at Schaumburg Garage Door Springs.

Of course our garage door company can do more repairs then just garage door springs. We can take care of any repairs that may need done on your garage door. Or on any part that is on your garage door. We can take care of your cables and tracks anytime that you have problems with them. Some of the repairs we can make on them are:

  • Cable Snapped
  • Cable lose
  • Cable came off the drum
  • Broken cable
  • Replace garage track
  • Repair bent garage door track

Of course that only touches on the services our Garage Door Springs Schaumburg can do for you. We do it all from replacement, repairs to installations. We are known as the best garage door company in the area for a reason and that is because we know what we are doing and we know what it takes to keep our customers happy with our garage door services.

Please give us a call today we would love you to be our customer also.

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