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Garage Door Opener in IllinoisOur garage door company in Schaumburg has been offering outstanding garage door opener service for quite sometime now.  Part of the reason we are able to provide such superb garage door opener service is because of the excellent staff of garage door technicians that make up our team at Garage Door Repair Schaumburg.  Their skills are extraordinary and their dedication to their trade commendable.  The other reasons our garage door opener service reigns supreme in Schaumburg is because we offer the best garage door opener brand names in the business.  The combination of these two things sets us apart from any other garage door contractor in the community.

We're fast as expected from an emergency garage door company and also assure our clients that our work is efficient. When we're called to replace a broken garage door spring, we make sure the right one is chosen. We respond quickly and the job is done by the book. Our technicians offer same day repair and are thorough when they maintain the garage system. We excel in garage door opener maintenance and take care of Genie or Liftmaster parts efficiently. If you're in need of new garage door installation, you can count on our company as well. We have tremendous experience and are properly equipped in order to install garage doors and their parts. We guarantee that each garage door operates properly and you and your family are safe.

We have to say that we are very proud of our garage door company in Schaumburg.  Any business worth a grain of salt must provide outstanding products. We only provide garage door openers from the best brands in the industry.  Here are some of the garage door openers we have to offer:

  • Chamberlain garage door opener
  • Craftsman garage door opener
  • Sears garage door opener
  • Genie garage door opener
  • Marantec garage door opener
  • Liftmaster garage door opener

For those residents in Schaumburg still trying to get the most out of your old garage door openers our techs are experts at garage door opener repair as well.  We offer garage door opener troubleshooting service that will allow us to nail down any problem you may be having.

People love garage door openers because they offer the convenience of opening and closing the garage door.  The days of physically having to climb in and out of our car to lift that garage door are behind us now.  Modern technology has once again prevailed upon us a better way of life.  These openers are very heavy and should not be installed by just anyone.  It is best to use a professional like one of our garage door techs at our garage door contractor in Schaumburg.

If you decide to go with a new garage door opener you will have to pick out the drive motor you want in it as well. 

You have 3 choices and here they are:

  • Belt drive – get out your wallet this one is going to set you back a little but the quiet operation is the caviar of the opener industry.
  • Screw drive – you won’t have to dig as far into your wallet for this drive.  It is a little noisy but nothing like our next option.
  • Chain drive – the chain drive has been around since Ty Rex roamed through Schaumburg looking for his next meal but it is cheap.  If you can stand the noise it will get the job done just as well as the others.
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