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Why commercial garage doors are bigger?

Garage doors installed in industries or malls serve thousands of people every day. Their large size allows the easy entrance of huge trucks and, as the experts of our service provider in Schaumburg say, they also need special, very powerful garage door openers, too.

Why is the opener horsepower important?

The horsepower of each garage door opener will determine its capacity to move the garage door with efficiency. It will also determine the door's pace. This is why it's important to choose the right horsepower and most residential garage doors need ½ hp garage door motors.

Are safety cables installed easily?

They're usually secured to the wall close to the stationary pulley or attached to the tracks, lace through the springs and secured at the same parts as springs. Make sure the other garage door parts are not obstructed by the safety cables and our experts in Schaumburg suggest giving the cable a little slack (avoid over-tightening it).

Can I still use the garage door if the opener is not working?

The first thing to do is to pull the emergency release cord to ensure that the door is not connected to the opener. Unless you are absolutely certain that the problem is with the device and not with any of the door's hardware parts, you should refrain from using the door until it is repaired. If you decide to operate the door manually, you should not use the decorative handles for the purpose.

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